About us

Way Her Manufacturing Corporation, which was founded in 1985, is one of the top architectural hardware manufacturers in Taiwan. We uphold "Customer is our priority" principle, keep working to produce high-quality architectural hardware fittings. We manufacture architectural hardware such as door, gate, shed, and window hinges, door bolts, hasps, latches, handles, and more. Way Her also provide customized hardware solution. By our expertise, Way Her has earned great reputation from our clients worldwide and built strong rapport. Way Her welcomes exporters, traders, wholesalers, brands, and different kinds of business to cooperate with us.Way Her keep working on producing great hardware products and provide our clients the best hardware fittings solutions.

Architectural Hardware Manufacturer | Way Her Manufacturing Corp. | Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Our Mission & Progress

Way Her pursues customer satisfaction. We requires efficiency; at the same time, we never compromise on the product quality. Way Her was ISO9001 certified,  and has won good reputation from our customers in Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. We not only keep optimizing the production line, but also provide various employee trainings to enhance our capabilities. Way Her regards every employees as an important asset of the company.  We keep working hard on the road of producing excellent architectural hardware.

Way Her Manufacturing Corp. ISO9001: 2015 Certificate

How We Do?

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Pre-manufacturing Evaluation

Before manufacturing a product, we always evaluate the spec of the product and the most efficient way to produce. We are attention to detail on every aspect of the components to meet clients' expectation.



Way Her strictly select the quality of material. For stainless steel products, we choose 304 stainless steel as our material; for other steel products, we choose hot-rolled steel / cold-rolled steel to fit the usage. We choose credible steel suppliers and can assure the quality of products.

Way Her Manufacturing Corp. Production Line | 韋合工廠股份有限公司 - 生產線概況

Production Line

Way Her pursues efficiency and quality. We use progressive stamping press machines,  riveting machine, and other machines to make our manufacturing be efficient. We have professional and effective stamping machines from 80 to 260 tons stamping press power, and a great variety of molds, which can help our clients meet their different requirements.

Way Her Manufacturing Corp. Product Finish | 韋合工廠股份有限公司 - 鉸鏈表面處理


We provide a list of customized selection in finishing / surface treatments, such as zinc plated, chrome plated, brass, black and white coated, etc. Way Her makes sure every product has a strong finish to endure wearing and severe weather. We can also provide the test result like salt / spray test to make sure the product has a great corrosion resistance.

Closeup of black wrought iron hand forded t-hinge on wooden shed made from waney edge boar

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